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Across the big river

We have the distinct honor of being chosen to represent Finland at the International Blues Challenge! Held annually in Memphis, Tennessee, the event spans a week and features over two hundred bands from around the globe. We are of course grateful and overwhelmed by this kind of recognition and would like to extend our great gratitude to all who have given us their support. We’re excited and anxious to bring good old rhythm ‘n’ blues back to its home country! Be blessed and eat well.

More about the event: International Blues Challenge

“Got It Bad” in stores now

Got It Bad out on Turenki

Ladies and Gentlemen! GOT IT BAD is now available for you to buy at your favourite record store. What was previously only attainable as the live experience can now be had as a recording – yours to listen to in the comfort of your own home – for a nominal price of 19.95 €. And that includes twelve great tracks on both 180 gram Long Play Vinyl AND Compact Disc! Don’t let it pass you by, go get it while supplies last! Here are a couple of links to help you get your hands on the good stuff:
Goofin’ Records | Levykauppa X (finnish) | Recordshop X (English) |

For your viewing pleasure

Here are a couple of selected videos shot completely live in Helsinki, at Bar & Restaurant Bryggeri, August 21st 2014.